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She then proceeded to tie me up sitting, legs wrapped around a dancing pole (don’t ask).Within a few minutes I was completely immobilised, hooded, gagged in satin. I am not sure how low I floated there; after a while I started getting uncomfortable, but in a pleasant bondage kind of way.

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The Wardens can test your limits if that’s what you want, but always look out for your welfare too – as the Foxtress said, she can’t have fun playing with her toys if she doesn’t look after them properly.

Over the course of the afternoon I received several challenging whippings or canings from punisher-in-chief Mistress Absolute, including an intense session with a single tail.

In fact I had only one period in the relative safety and comfort of a (somewhat chilly) cell, being otherwise moved backwards and forwards for punishment.

I can now attest those fears were unfounded, however the fears of delightfully terrible things happening to me were totally justified… Mistress Absolute greeted me cheerfully, and reassuringly.

I then met the Fo Xtress who after an equally friendly hello ordered me to strip naked and put my clothes in a neat pile. In the application form I had mentioned my satin fetish, so was thrilled when Mistress Absolute produced a whole bag of satin ties.

So with no safety worries I could just accept whatever the Wardens decided to do to me, which is something you can only do with Dommes you can trust.